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To be More Aware Society of Nutrition

Fulfillment of child nutrition to the attention of many young women today. If you look at the discussion forums or specific sites that open space debriefing with an expert, they actively ask questions and share knowledge. The question was critical, critical, indicating that they diligently read and up-date with the latest information. However, some people are not so lucky. Instead of asking critical questions, learn the basics about nutrition they did not know. Therefore, efforts to disseminate information on nutrition and compliance continue to be pursued.

Deficiency and excess nutrients can be equally negative impact. Malnutrition is closely linked to growth retardation of the body (especially in children), low immunity so easily hurt (especially infectious diseases), and reduced levels of intelligence and mental disorders. In contrast to excess nutrients are characterized by being overweight.

Child’s future is largely determined by nutritional state in 1000 the first day of life. 1000 begins the first day of life a child’s life during the nine-month fetus in the womb until he was two years old. Therefore, the fulfillment of nutrition is considered a basic human need. Not just for adults, the fulfillment of nutrition has been a concern since the fetus in the womb and continues to infants, toddlers, school age, adolescents, adults, even old age.
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